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SNEAK PEEK! Chapter 1 | PROJECT O, A Fiction Novel

Chapter 1
The voice came again softly saying “Ethan”

I open my eyes with sudden awareness but I do not know where I am. My training immediately kicks in and I begin observing my surroundings.

I don't feel drugged but I must have been since I can't remember how I got here. The room is entirely white. The chair that I am sitting on is white and actually comfortable, padded and the armrests seem to have what look like small blank touch computer screens; one on each arm rest by where my fingers lay. There is a desk in front of me that has rounded edges. Probably so that I wont hurt myself or use the edges to hurt whoever it is that put me in here. It seems to be bolted down to the floor as I touched it and it was solid in place but I cannot see where as the base is rounded. The desk is white and the base is metal. I can still use use my strength to slam whoever it is that has me in here to incapacitate them and escape so I don't need the desk to have edges I simply need whoever it is close enough but, where am I?  

Why is everything so darn white? This has to be an interrogation room.

I cannot take action until I get a sense of where I am. Whatever escape action I take can become futile if I end up being in a ship in the middle of the Atlantic. This could be a rendition. I need to know more especially which government has me here. I will get my answer soon enough.

I need to observe and analyze my surroundings quickly. Focus.

The clothing I have on is all white. I seem to have a turtleneck sweater on that is quite comfortable. Whoever has me here seems to want me to be at ease. I can tell that there is something technological about the sweater. There may be some form of nanotechnology at play here. I will have to keep that in mind. The white pants that I have on seem to be made of the same material and has this feel as if there is something technological about it as well but disguised to look normal as if it didn't. Even the white shoes I have on seem quite comfortable but they could be bugged. I will have to keep that in mind and get rid of them the moment I decide its time to move. My belt doesn't seem to have a regular hard metal buckle. It must be some sort of plastic or hard rubber material. Its not much of a weapon but it can still have its uses.
The room is quite ample and there is nothing to my left, right or even behind me but the bare white walls. I can't tell what the walls are made of. That can be a problem.

“Ethan” the voice came again softly.

I need to ignore for few more seconds what seem to be three figures sitting behind a white long desk. I can't make out their faces at all but the desk appears to be approximately fifteen feet away. I cant tell if they have weapons since they are sitting down. The weapons can easily be hidden behind the desk or even on them as I can only see their upper bodies. It would take me less than seven seconds to reach that table. My move would have to be for the table as I cannot tell where the door is. There are no signs of a door, entry, exit or even any marks on the ceiling that would indicate ventilation or even lighting. How is this room even lit? This room seems to have technology that I have not experienced before. This may not be military or a rendition.

Come on! Absorb the surroundings quickly! How do I feel? My body does not feel bruised, damaged or hurt in any way. How can that be? The last thing I remember I was in New York where I… no, focus on the present. My body actually feels great. I am aware, awake, my senses seem better than ever. My body feels strong and feels ready for action but I can't help but feel a calming sensation. Its almost as if there is something about this room that is fighting with my senses to keep me calm as opposed to experiencing anything else. I have no idea how that can be as I do not feel drugged.

The three figures in front seem to be very calm and not at all bothered by my lack of response. It has only been ten seconds since the figure on the far left first called out my name. Why cant I make out their faces? The figure on the far left that keeps calling my name seems female, raven haired but I can't make out her face. She is also dressed all in white from what I can tell. The one in the middle looks like a blonde haired man in his late twenties or early thirties but still I can't make out his face. His build is athletic and from the little I can see I will have to be careful with him. I would have to calculate my moves precisely. The third figure at the other end is black. His skin color is amazing with a deep bronze that I cannot remember if I have ever seen anything like it. His build is also very athletic and strong and he is simply stoic, not moving in any way.

Even if I can take out one of them the other two may have the ability to overtake me. There is still the question of whether they have weapons on them or not which most likely they do. I have to go for the woman. She may be very tough as well but she seems to be the only one speaking. She may be the leader. I dont know. The mix of races on this panel can mean that I am on the Western part of the world. The United States, Argentina, Britain, maybe even France. I could be totally wrong but I need to know where I am and this is a start.

“Ethan Reyes” she said softly. This time she stood up and walked half way between me and the desk with the other two. She knows my birth name. Who are these people? All records of my real past were destroyed. My command knows me as operative O and everyone else in the world knows me as many different Alias’s. She could have called me Jaime, Jose, Ivan, Andrei or the dozens of other names I have but she called me Ethan. Is this a test? Is this the company?

She stood there simply looking at me. She is close enough that I can now get a good look at her. This has to be one of the most attractive women I have ever seen. I still can't make out all of her facial features but her figure is slender but curvy and at least five foot nine in stature. She is wearing all white but her top looks like leather with some linings as if it is a long sleeved leather jacket of some sort. Her pants fit her body exactly fit and seem to be of the same material of her top. At the end of her pants are what seem to be high heeled white boots. It makes sense that she would be the one interrogating. Im not affected though. I need to focus on what my play is.

“Ethan Reyes” She said again.

I won't confirm my name but it was time to speak and now I would get the information I needed.
“Who are you?” I asked in a calm voice as if in control of the situation. Besides, I was not tied up to anything but simply sitting on a very comfortable chair.

She asked “How are you feeling?” She didn't answer my question. She then asked “do you want some food or something to drink?”

“No. Again, who are you and where am I?” I need her to tell me. It would reveal a lot. So far from her voice it seems like an American accent. More of an Eastern US accent as if from Connecticut or even New York. I should know having lived in New York for a few years.

She stepped a little closer but not much more than a foot and said in a soft non threatening voice  “we are judges and you are in a place to be judged”.  

Thank you for reading and following along. I am a new author looking forward to publishing this book mid 2014. With your support, constructive criticism and guidance it will be something exciting to read and hopefully the kind of novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat eating every single page.

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